Naomi Mano

I have straddled cultures all my life.

Born into a Japanese family, with roots stretching back 17 generations, I grew up in California, Hawaii and, later, Tokyo. Throughout my upbringing, I worked hard to truly grasp the cultural nuances and languages of both my heritage and adopted home.

This knowledge later proved invaluable during my years in corporate hospitality, including at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. I discovered a passion for providing fulfilling cultural experiences to foreign visitors to Japan.

I was able to indulge my enthusiasm further during my time working in the luxury concierge service industry. In Japan’s notoriously labyrinthine and esoteric society, I cultivated ties to offer clients access to places and people beyond the reach of the ordinary visitor.

In this way, I could share a deeper side of Japanese culture with guests. Such experiences, I realized, allow for a two-way cultural exchange that is enriching for the guest and the host.

Since starting Luxurique in 2014, I have striven to provide such one-of-a-kind moments for all our clients. We are a guide to Japan’s intriguing cultural landscape, both traditional and contemporary. In particular, we relish finding innovative ways for guests to experience our multifaceted home.

With Japan in the midst of a tourism boom (more than 28 million visitors arrived in the country in 2017), I am now helping various cultural doyens, artisans and even charming provincial towns find an appreciative audience through exclusive, fulfilling encounters.

Just as I have benefited from my years immersed in different cultures and surroundings, I hope greater numbers of visitors and Japanese alike will develop a more profound understanding for a world beyond their own.

Naomi Mano

Naomi Mano
President, Luxurique